Chrono Divide is a fan-made project which aims to recreate the original "Red Alert 2" from the "Command & Conquer" series using web technologies. The result is a game client that runs in your web browser, with no additional plugins or applications installed.

The project initially started out as an experiment and was meant to prove that it was possible to have a fully working, cross-platform RTS game running in a web browser. Now, with a playable version already available, the end-goal is reaching feature parity with the original vanilla "Red Alert 2" engine.


Development progressAlpha v0.27 build available

The game client now supports all major features of the original game and all units are playable.

You can check out the full patch notes or join the community discussion on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/uavJ34JTWY

Please note this is still work-in-progress. Further optimization is needed, which means you may experience poor performance on lower-end GPUs and on-dye integrated graphics.


Minimum/Recommended PC specifications

  • CPU: Intel Atom Z3700+ @1.33GHz (Intel Core i5 recommended)
  • OS: 64-bit operating system (and web browser)
  • Memory: 4GB (8GB recommended)
  • GPU: Discrete graphics card (NVIDIA GTX800 or later series recommended)
  • Display resolution: 1024x768 minimum
  • Web browser: Latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari (Firefox NOT recommended for best performance / framerate)




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Legal disclaimer: "Chrono Divide" is a non-profit fan project and is in no way affiliated with Electronic Arts Inc. "Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2" is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. No copyright infringement is intended. All original game resources are used for demonstrational, non-profit and non-commercial purposes only. All rights are held by their respective owners.

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